Saturday, June 13, 2020

My first book is live!!!

The Captain's Promise is now live!!!

After a year of planning, several months of worldbuilding, writing, editing and stressing, The Captain's Promise, book 0 of the Renegades series, a Renegades novella is now live.

Click HERE to get your FREE copy from Book Funnel.*

That's right, this eBook novella is permafree. You DO NOT have to sign up to my newsletter to get the free book (but you really should, click here).

The hero and heroine are one of my favourite couples in my universe, though you'll hear that a lot as I have a special place in my heart for all of them. That's not to underestimate my love for Mikel and Sarah. I've known since Mikel strode into my imagination with his cobalt hair and red goggles that he was going to be so much fun to write and when I realised he and Sarah had a tragic backstory I had to bump them up from writing their novella next year, to book 0. I couldn't wait to explore their story and how they're reunited and now I get to share that with you.

The Mercenary's Dawn is the next book to come. I'm just waiting on the cover from the amazingly talented Sam Muraski, who also designed this cover, and I am currently recruiting ARC readers, sign up here if you want to be considered. The Mercenary's Dawn is a full-length novel.

There will be more novellas, which will be sent out free to subscribers of my mailing list, if you wanted a reason to sign up. Then launched on Amazon if you would prefer to KU it or buy a copy. My launches for these will be more sporadic, as my focus is on getting the novels written and edited, but my universe has an overriding arc and the novellas don't really add to it. They are simpler love stories, with a side note of adventure.

I really hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I love writing them. I can't wait to share more of my world and more of these hunky alien guys with you.

Love to you all,


(Disclaimer: Please be aware that Book Funnel will take your email address so that they can email you the link to the book, however it WILL NOT be entered onto my mailing list unless you opt in as per GDPR guidelines.)

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