Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The demise of ‘currently reading’, kind of…

For the past two months, I've not really updated here as much as I should. This, to me, is my website where I can tell you about my books, present some books I've read and then move on with the busy job of plotting, writing, editing and publishing books. But even with this minimal intention, I've still failed to update my 'currently reading' list.

          I’ve decided to bring ‘currently reading’ to an end. Kind of.

          In it’s place, I will highlight a book I have, or am reading. This will happen every Friday, as a part of #Fridayreads on Instagram. I post every Friday without fail and so I’ve decided to amalgamate the two posts which will lessen the stress of having to think of books (there are sooooo many good books!) while allowing me to still share my reads.

          These will not be long posts, with spoilers or ratings. If I don’t like a book, I won’t include it. I’m not going to delve into layers or symbology or anything like that. After three years of university, I could, but I really don’t want to; after all, I just had three years of doing it at university.

          What this will be is a simple explanation of why I like the book, links to the author’s work and other links I consider to be relevant. This can and will be random as fuck.


           Below are the four posts I updated previous to this. From this point onwards, I’ll be posting it as a weekly blog.


          PLEASE NOTE: This is not a book blog, despite the above. This is a website for me, L. P. Peace, an author, to share books I enjoy.

          If I don’t like the look of your book, I won’t read it and there’s less chance of me adding it to my blog as I already have so many fantastic books and authors to share so please don’t contact me asking me because that’s a sure-fire way of me never sharing your work, just on principle.


Fire in His Kiss

by Ruby Dixon


 I've been reading Ice Planet Barbarians for a while, and a few months ago, I started the Ice Home series. For those of you that don't know, Ice Planet Barbarians is set on a world going through an ice age. A species of blue, horned aliens live in this environment with the help of a parasite known as a Khui. The aliens are descendants of crash survivors living as barbarians, the same alien are the heroes of Dixon's Risdaverse novels and novellas. Ice Home is set on the same planet in another location. For a while, a series of women have come to the planet by different means and offered new life to the resident aliens. It's a great series, I highly recommend it.

Dixon started this new series in 2017 and I became intrigued with it when the hero of one of the Ice Home novels was from the same species as the heroes of these novels.

So, let me set the scene. A rift opened in the sky on Earth several years before the series starts and dragons appeared. They've burned the world to ash. Human survivors live in camps, with strict rules and where most people are left to fend for themselves, the alternative is to leave the forts, and get killed by dragons.

Except, the gold dragons aren't killing the women.

I'm on book two of the series (I really need to update this page more often), and I'm really enjoying it. Dixon is a humorous writer and there are several parts of the book that had me laughing out loud.

Dixon is currently serializing a Risdaverse novella on her website here, or her Facebook page here, if you decide you're that much of a fan. She has a massive backlog of books, so if you're looking for series to get your teeth into, and maybe gnaw on for a while, you can find her Amazon Author Page here.

Be aware, that once Dixon has finished a novella, it will disappear off of her site and she will put it up on Amazon shortly after.




by Regine Abel


Note: This book has recently been reordered to take into account the earlier story of Doom.

I've been a fan of Regine Abel since early on in my SFR journey. She wrote both my favourite of the Khargals of Duras stories, Heart of Stone (Start with Stacy Jones's Gravel and Grit!) and my favourite of the Valos of Sonhadra (Ignoring Tiffany Roberts whose book Undying was fantastic!) But I loved Unfrozen! The follow up, Iced, was good, but Unfrozen was amazing. I loved the heroine of that book, but I tend to love Regine's heroines, they tend to be kickass!

It took me a while to get around to reading the Xian Warriors books and I'm kind of glad I left it as long as I did (Immediately after Bane's book came out), because the series is coming close to done, even the characters are feeling their struggles coming to an end, not that I don't expect them to go out with a bang!

I put the series aside for a short time, but then Regine had to come out with Varnog, so I caught up with Doom (which is where you should start) and then this book, Chaos and will be starting Varnog tonight, already from his guest appearance in Chaos, I know I'm going to love this book.

What I also love about these books is that Regine doesn't shy away from horrifying stories, though these come about off the page and to characters we usually meet after their traumas have been lived through.

Some point soon, I'm going to get to her Veredian Chronicles, they look intriguing.

I also highly recommend her novella Mistwalker! You must read that book NOW!

You can get your copy of Chaos here:


The Alien's Claim

by Zoe Draven


Book 8 of the Warriors of Luxiria is finally out. After Alana Khan's Zar, this is the first series of SFR I read. So even though I'm part way through Ella Maven's Drixonian Warriors, I had to read this!

If you haven't read this series, start with The Alien's Prize. When you've consumed these, move on the the related series Wicked Captor and Wicked Mate. Then do yourself a favour and read The Krave of Everton, which is in the same universe, but different aliens and set further in the future. Finally, read Horde Kings of Dakkar, which is set even later still.

There's two finished series and and two ongoing series for you to read. You're welcome.


I'm still reading this, but so far it's exactly what I expected it to be, kind of heart breaking, but oh so good. This is a long one to end the series on, but after the emotional investment of the last year in this series, that just makes it better.

Honestly, I highly recommend this series and Zoey Draven as an author. She's a slower writer than many in this genre, but her books are well worth the wait.

You can find your copy of The Alien's Claim here:



Ecstasy From The Deep

by Octavia Kore


Not so much a 'currently reading' as a 'was an ARC reviewer for this book and just needed to rave about it a little more. Ecstasy From The Deep by Octavia Kore (cousins Hayley Benitez and Amanda Crawford) is available now.

This book was such an enjoyable read that what was supposed to be a slow three or four days of reading, turned into a dedicated 'sit down and finish it now' jobby. I initially read it as a short story in the anthology 'From the Depths', but this is a fuller, more satisfying version of the original short, which is saying something because the short was a satisfying story.

This is Hayley and Amanda's second book After Queen of Twilight which has been on my TBR forever now, or so it seems, so I expect more great stories to fill out this universe to come, including the full version of another short which is still available to buy from Amazon in the anthology Blooming Desire.

You can get your copy here:

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