Friday, October 9, 2020


Sold to the Orc

By Tara Phillips



Cyna is sold to the orc warrior as his bride
But Atul, the chieftain's son, wants more than just her body
He wants her heart, and an heir.

Sold… her bride price paid for by an orc. Cyna’s father has traded her to this monstrous, battle-scarred warrior for a bag full of coins. She’s taken from her home, her family, her village, and everything she’s ever known.

Tall, imposing, scarred, and green. His white tusks curve up menacingly. Atul is the perfect image of a monster. A brute covered in leather and weapons, and yet he’s not at all what she expected. The orcs are not the monsters she’s been told to dread.

He says that he doesn’t want her fear. Instead, he wants her to acquiesce to him willingly. Wants her submission, her heart, and her womb. Because he intends to take his husbandly rights… intends to fill her belly with his child. And she’s finding it impossible to resist him.

Newly edited and updated to include an epilogue! Sold to the Orc is the first book in the Orc Brides series. It is an 19k long novella featuring steamy scenes of fantastical romance with no-abuse, consenting, light BDSM with a dominant orc hero. All Orc Brides books can be read as standalones.

Author update: Brand new epilogue added


Not a book review

This is book one in the Orc Brides series by Tara Phillips. It’s an unapologetic erotica novella with light BDSM themes and fluffy, happy-ever-afters, so it's not straight erotica. The stories are very sweet with little angst. The males motives are clear; they like the look of this woman, Orcs don't have females, revealed by a nicely explained backstory that doesn't fall into exposition, and their goal is to find a bride and have sons. For the woman's parts, they are usually, initially, unwilling, but this soon disappears as the Orcs reveal their kinder sides and true motives.

Cyna is sold by her father to a band of Orcs, or more specifically, to their leader, as a bride for his son, Atul. Once back in the Khelukkhel mountain, the home of the Orcs, Cyna finds the Orcs aren't like the stories and while Atul's aim is to father sons, he wants a willing bride and a deeper attachment.

As stated above, these are short novellas, but they're a joy to read and there's no side stories to distract from the plot, which is two people falling in love and having a little kink along the way.

I Beta read these books for Tara and have loved all three of them. The third is my favourite. You don't need to read them in order but while you can skip the first two to read the third, but you should definitely read all three books in order, with this one being the first.

I love these books and thoroughly recommend them. They're sweet, easy reading with well written steamy scenes.

Fair warning: This is a 19k steamy monster novella. Each book is about a dominating but loving Orc male and the next two novellas have BDSM themes, but it's light. - This is Tara's affiliate link.

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